How Computer Science was connected with English Communication Skills

Architecture was a mystery to me when I was a kid. Forming all that wood, cement and metal into giant buildings with different shapes was an impossible mission to an 8-year-old boy. I started to learn drawing and some basic concepts about design with a dream of being an architect.


                                                                      Speed Art Museum

After a few years, I found that I had no talents on designing and I needed to face the fact that my dream was just some bubbles under the sunshine, shining but couldn’t last forever. However, a computer from my dad became my new focus. The combat and the collision of different strategies in games really drew my attention and it started a new chapter of my childhood life.

First interaction with Computer Science

        At first, I was playing different games just for fun, however, I became curious about how these games worked and why I could control a fictitious person just by hitting the keyboard and clicking the mouse. One of my dad’s friends, the person who guided me into the world of Computer Science. He introduced to me the concept of  “Coding”.


League of Legends World Championship

        I realized all these games were constructed by millions of lines of codes. He also let me play a game that he made. It was a small game, however, the process of turning codes that I could barely understand to a character that could be controlled by my opinion really shocked me. I realized the best thing about coding was it’s not only about how much talent you have but also more about how much time you are willing to spend on it.

Communication Skills that are needed for Computer Science Study


Computer Program

        At the start of my university life, I thought the communication skills are for students in programs like economic. However, the first coding assignment I needed to write has 10 lines of codes and 50 lines of introduction to our codes. I realized that computer science was not only about creating a perfect program but more about how your code could be understood by others.


Communicate with Others

        For the most of the time, we can not create an incredible game or a perfect App by ourselves, we need a group of people to work on the same project. Under this situation, we need to communicate with each other in order to make sure that all the group members are on the same page. We also need to write the explanation for our codes to inform others what we have done and what they need to continue to work on, therefore, the communication skills and the writing skills are obbligato parts during the process of creating a project.

What I Have Learned these Years


Process of Learning

        In the last three years, I tried to improve my communication skills in serval ways. I read lots of books and watched the speech that given by those famous people. However, what I liked the most was talking to different people from different countries because they could share a lot of interesting ideas about this world with me and I have learned a lot during the talk. As the famous poet said, ”Reading helps us learn so much about beauty and truth that we can live a better life in our own ways. ” I believe the best way to improve writing skills is by reading books and we can learn a lot of different strategies by reading.

One thought on “How Computer Science was connected with English Communication Skills

  1. I really want to know which poet said that! It’s a great quote. I can see the connection between building buildings and building programs! Both needs types of code, don’t they?


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