Two Important Communication Skills In The Future Career


As a mathematical student, I have paid much attention on economics and financial fields, so I hope that one day I can receive a related job and make an achievement. Nowadays, the competition in job market has become more intense because of a dramatic increase of the number of professionals in most fields. In this case, how to become more competitive and successful is directly related to the skills and abilities that employees have. From my perspective, communication skills do play an indispensable role in career life, especially to bosses and clients. Therefore, how to show our opinions and gather information is two skills that I hope to learn.


The first of all, expressing our points clearly and effectively in time is a significant ability in future career. We all know that today is an information age. Every people shows idea on internet and public. As a result, effective and clear expression skill would help us stand out from competition and attract our managers. For example, during an interview, HR hands out a topic let candidates express their ideas and initial proposals. Sometimes, HR always needs candidates to consider and answer in a limited time, which exactly tests candidates’ academics and communication skills. If a candidate who can express idea clearly and explain plan logically and confidently to interviewers, the applicant might have more opportunity to others with same professional standards. This skill can be also used in many situations in our careers. Therefore, I believe that expression skill is an important ability to me.


Secondly, information collection is also a significant communication skill. We have to know that receiving information from others is also an important part in communication. In our career lives, learning how to gather information and feedback from customers and listen to colleagues and managers suggestions would support us to finish our works and improve ourselves. For example, when we join in a marketing team for popularizing a product, the most important thing is market survey. In this stage, our major work is information collection from market and customers. In this case, if we can select and summarize useful information and suggestions from amount of conversations and comments, we would acquire more valuable dates for the product and receive more focus from our managers and employers, which has more advantages for our future development. The previous example exactly shows the advantage of information collection skill in job market. Thus, gather information from others could be my core skill in future career.


In conclusion, according to my above explanations, communication skills have represented the status as basic and indispensable ability in future career life. Meanwhile, expression skill and information collection are two important parts of communication skills. Using these abilities and methods efficiently could be a fundamental requirement for current undergraduate students, which would support students to be more competitive and popular in future career life. As a result, I really hope to learn these crucial skills in the course as a preparation for my future life.

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