In Search of Me


As I grow older, I want to be happy, and purposeful.

As a child, I remember myself being drawn towards becoming a scientist, doctor, author, engineer, teacher, along with other professions.

I now realize that the ongoing changes to my mindset is what steered my passion in multiple unrelated directions as I grew up. In high school, I enjoyed math and technology related classes, which prompted my choice of university studies towards the field of computer science.

The field of computer science is a very challenging and a competitive field. There are many brilliant people who purse jobs that require the person to have a computer science degree. The job market is extremely competitive, and a person must work very hard to standout.

To standout, one must present himself/herself in a professional manner. Being exceptional demands a person to have defined opinions, and a field of interest that he/she excel at.
Therefore, identifying one’s interest is the first step to success.

The statement: “When I grow up I want to be …”, arises when I think of my interests in life. In university, I enrolled in many computer science courses. Each course provided me with an extra piece of knowledge that affected my mindset. Some courses encouraged me to pursue a career in hardware optimization. While others got me interested in artificial intelligence, robotics, and technologies that aid people with disabilities.

Knowledge in the key to becoming more successful in life. Therefore, I would love to pursue a career in which I am always learning and getting exposed to new concepts. Personal growth comes from learning as well as from helping others learn. To help others and be a leader, one must be responsible, approachable, and articulate.

Communication is the other key for growth in life. Approaching team members about an idea or an opinion that I have seems to work best when I speak calmly, and accept on spot criticism. I have noticed that I need to be able to communicate in an organized logical way for people to be persuaded. A person also needs to know how to constructively criticize other people’s work without being rude or offensive. In addition, a person must be able to recognize other people’s achievements as well as self-achievements.

I believe that I live in this world to benefit humanity and myself. I find knowledge to be my highest priority and I believe that I should keep working towards increasing it. I find myself wanting to “grow up to be” someone whose contributions make a positive impact on people. I want to pursue a career in which I can see products such as computer programs, applications for portables, or software used in medical equipment.

The goal is to fulfill life by benefiting the world around me and always having a positive impact. Happiness comes from achieving positive goals in life. I find myself looking for a path in computer science in which my contributions would cause that difference. Hence, I am still questioning “what I want to be when I grow up.”

One thought on “In Search of Me

  1. Your desire to do good in the world is inspiring and impressive. You are absolutely right that to achieve your goals, Knowledge is key and then communicating that knowledge, equally so.


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