My typical communication life

Everyone needs to communicate with others everyday. And one’s communication skills could differ when he/she talks to different group of persons or when he/she is in different community. Here I want to share my typical communication life in school and in workplace. Is it similar with your typical communication life?


School communication life:

When I get up every morning, I will have some random talk with my roommates about the weather, about what to eat for breakfast and about our plans for the day. It is usually a short 5-10 minutes talk and it is usually very casual. And we do not care about our words and feel free to talk about anything.

And then I take the bus to school to take normally CS/Econ courses. We don’t usually communicate a lot in the CS courses. All we need to do is to listen to the professor and look at the slides to follow the professor or take notes. I think it’s a normal view in a typical CS/Math class in UW since professor is the speaker and students need to listen and accept the knowledge.


But we could expect more communication chances in Econ classes. We need to do group projects, which means we need to share our ideas with our group members about how to do the project. Sometimes we have different opinions on some topics and we would try to persuade each other and then get to an agreement that all of us could accept. I really enjoy exchanging our ideas and discuss with each other since we all could improve ourselves through this process.

Sometimes when I go to the office hour to talk to the professors or email them to ask questions, I would talk about my problems and ask questions directly and we might not have too much random talks.

Workplace communication life:

As in my first co-op term, I worked as a database intern. And my work everyday is to maintain and improve the database and solve the problems that the users addressed. Therefore I usually need to communicate with my supervisor about what should be changed about the database and with the support team about what technical supports I need to make the change.


When I talk to my supervisor, I would be more careful with my word choices than when I talk to my roommates or group members in school. We normally talk about the work tasks and discuss about how to solve the issues in the workplace. We do not have random talks and make jokes as often as I do in school.

And with my team members, when we chat about random things during lunch time, like the weather, or our plans after work, I would be relatively more polite than when I talk to my roommates even with similar topics.

Communication skills:

Students need different communication skills to talk to different target groups of people. And I believe that communication skills are essential for a student’s success, both in his/her school life and in his/her future career life. I think the best way to improve our communication skills is to communicate more, to communicate with different groups and in different community. 

communication skill


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