Insight into Dreams Actuarially

My major is Actuarial Science and it’s in the Faculty of Mathematics. As a student studying in this field, I have to learn not only the actuarial science courses but also math, statistics, computer programming since modeling skills in statistics can be useful for the future.

In an actuarial field, we are usually dealing with insurance and various financial products in investment, and that means, a lot of complex computation and statistical modeling we need to do. Besides, learning English communication skills is required in schools as we must be able to communicate effectively in writing and speech.


In the future, I want to be an actuary in an insurance company. An actuary is responsible for analyzing all possible outcomes of the types of events that could potentially cause policyholders to make claims against their insurance policies.

Hence, there are a few skills that an actuary must have(also “what I should have before going to work”):

● Problem-solving skills

We need to examine complex data, identify patterns and predict trends to minimize the number of undesired outcomes.

● Computational skills

Because an actuary deals with plenty of numbers every day, being able to do basic arithmetic rapid and accurately is a definite requirement.

● Programming skills

To statistically model a large amount of data, we should be able to use computers fluently.

● Knowledge of business and finance

Since we deal with clients from business and other financial institutions, adding some knowledge of economics, business and finance can somehow increase credibility.




What’s more, communication and interpersonal skills are necessary as well, which includes presentation skills, listening skills, and writing skills. Strong verbal communication skills will enable me to explain complex technical and statistical stuff to diverse audiences, and strong written communication skills ensure that models are understandable in written reports.

Therefore, from now on, I also need to think my dream “actuarially”, thinking about the potential risk if I didn’t do well in the certain area.



One thought on “Insight into Dreams Actuarially

  1. You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself! A different approach might be to have confidence in your skills, since you have made it this far in the program! That`s a major achievement.


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