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Communication, in recent years, is becoming increasingly important in our daily life. Whether in our study, work or personal life, communication exists; however, when addressing different audiences or for different purposes, we will require various communication skills.

To me, communication skills are like seasoning, which make communication more effective if using appropriate communication skills.


#Communication Bae


As a student at the University of Waterloo, it’s my feeling that various communication skills are required in a typical day:

  • Chatting with Friends.

Talking with friends will be the most informal communication. It can be face-to-face communication, message or online chatting and can be anything of my daily life such as news I heard, basketball games and funny posts I see on the Internet. I would say senses of humour and sincerity will be the necessary communication skills when communicating with friends.

  • Lecture Time!

As a university student, I spend about 15 hours per week in lecture and I need to pay attention to what the professor is saying and take notes. Listening is always a significant component of communication. As an information receiver during the lecture time, carefully listen and clearly understand the information that professors deliver to me are important communication skills when acquiring new knowledge.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.38.51 PM

  • Meeting with Professors.

During my university life, there will be lots of chances that I need to schedule a meeting with professors regarding some academic questions. Normally, I will walk into professors’ office during their office hours or send them an email to schedule a meeting time. In recent years, email becomes a very common and effective communication tool. Sending a formal and proper email is an essential communication skill in everyone’s work and study.

Most of times, I will prepare a list of all academic questions I need to figure out before I meet the professor. I consider this as an effective communication skill that not only helps me to ask questions briefly, but also improves the efficiency of the meeting.

  • Collaborating as a team member.

In some courses, there are projects I need to work with other students. I have done a new venture project in a business course and the project was about coming up with a business idea and establishing a business plan for the idea.

But, how to effectively communicate with group members? Based on my experiences, I consider these three communication skills are significant when cooperating with group members:

First, be clear and concise. When sharing my own opinions and ideas, being clear and concise can make peers easily understand what I am trying to express.

Second, be a good listener. Paying attention to what group members are saying will be respectful. Also, understand their opinions and give feedbacks will facilitate the group communication.

Lastly, be capable to solve conflicts. Conflicts and arguments always exist during group works. In my opinion, the ability of persuading others and taking suggestions from others are the key communication skills to solve conflicts. Being open-minded with peers also helps to deal with group issues.


From my communication life at UW, I have not just learnt concepts of communication skills; more importantly, it gave me chances to use communication skills in my daily life. Hopefully, I will improve my communication skills and make my communication more effective in further study and work.

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