Math and Coding

        For the question what are you hoping to do in the future, I think that I hope to do some jobs which related to mathematics. I am a person who is interested in mathematics and logic. The first full mark which I got in primary school is a mathematics quiz. At that time, I found I really like math and I decided to do something which related to math in the future. I do not leave this decision until right now. I am a computer science student currently. The main reason I choose computer science is because the coding algorithm is similar with mathematic problems. Every time, improving my algorithm makes me feel excited since it seems like I am solving an interesting math problem.

        I hope I can be a good program developer in the future. The main reason is that I think  coding is really challenging. You will build some functions and all of them have their own inputs and outputs. Then, you put them together properly, and set some of functions’ outputs as others’ inputs. Finally, a new big program is been built. It is similar to many RPG games. When I implement the small helper functions, it just like the main character in RPG game gain experience through killing hostile npc and raise its level. When I put all helper functions together and solve some specific requirements, it is similar with the main character in RPG game finally beats the Boss in the game. Coding always can give me a lot of fun, and that is why I really hope to work as a program developer in the future.

        For the communication skills that I might need, I think reading,  listening and writing skills are the most important skills. If I can be a good program developer, I must understand clearly what part I need to implement and the specific runtime and space time requirement for my code. Reading and listening skills will be very important for me to figure out my tasks. Reading skills can help me to read the questions or outline for the group project. Excellent reading skills are useful for me to understand the project and my task clearly. Listening skills is important as well since many managers will let group members separate the big project into several small tasks. Great listening skills will be helpful for me to understand my tasks. Sometimes, the group leader may give me some specific extra requirements for my task. At that time, great listening skills are also necessary for figuring out the details of my part. Besides understanding my task, writing diagnostic reports is also an important part of my job. I might need to record many bugs which are found in my coworkers’ code, and I might need to analysis the runtime of my program. All of these require great writing skills since I need to express my idea clearly and let all my readers understand my writing. Therefore, excellent writing, listening and reading skills are very important skills for me, and I need to improve them in order to have better work performance.

One thought on “Math and Coding

  1. Good point that communication and the gaming industry go hand in hand.Have you thought about your characters in terms of diversity and inclusion? Are they biased? The gaming industry is becoming much more aware of these issues, what do you think?


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