Actuary or “Chef”?

I want to share something about my future career plan today. For now, I’m a student of the statistic and actuarial science major. This is a horrific major for lots people right?useless materials Because most people think this major is too difficult to finish. At least, it is horrific for me. Two years ago, I really wish to be an actuary. I think this career is pretty cool. I will manage all of core data of the company, and all of money! Hoho!like-a-boss However, as I learned more about actuarial science, I realized that I’m totally wrong because actuary is a boring job. Calculating, calculating, calculating are whole job for actuary. The real actuary even does not have many chances to talk with others. They only have tons of difficult tasks, and enjoy overcoming the difficulties. There is no doubt that actuary is a good job with high salary. However, it’s not really fit me. I cannot bear the boring work model like this.

Actually, for now, I have a good idea. I want to run a Chinese restaurant with my friends after graduated. It is because I found that there are many Canadians love Chinese food. Unfortunately, the most Chinese restaurants in Waterloo are not authentic enough. I want to create the best Chinese restaurant in Waterloo, and show you really authentic Chinese food, like Sichuan hot-pot, Harbin BBQ, Fujian seafood to Canadians. I promise that if I can run a Chinese in Waterloo, everyone will love it.hqdefault


I have a plan about future 3 years. Firstly, after I finished my degree, I will have a long-term travel in China to find out the delicious foods, and I need to determine which kind of food can be represented by Canadian food material. I also need to test which kind of food could be popular in Canada. 61536_1Secondly, I need to find a good chef. The chef is the soul of the restaurant. A good chef can improve the level of the restaurant. Actually, in the past, I had an idea about being the chef of my restaurant. However, I abandoned. Because I realized that a good chef need tons practice and high talent. Anyone could be a cook but not a good chef. chefFinally, I need to find a good place. A right location is the most important consideration to run a restaurant. A field investigation in advanced is required to analyze the density of restaurants, distribution of residents and daily passenger flow volume in the neighborhood, where actuarial science may be applicable. When the right location is found, the next consideration is whether there is a completed parking lot.  My current plan is to open the Chinese restaurant near the university, the plaza near the campus should be a good choice. Since there is a large number of students in the University of Waterloo, and they will pass though the restaurant everyday, and there is a public parking plot in the plaza. Which means I don’t need to worry about the passenger flow, and I don’t need to invest in parking plot.images


Hope my plan could be fulfilled! I will show the best Chinese food to you!b8fwjktigaafgou



One thought on “Actuary or “Chef”?

  1. I am not sure where you got your info about actuaries, but they have to communicate constantly. The Actuarial Standards of Practice devotes 27 pages just to communication alone (ASOP #41) . It’s lucky you found out that this career is not for you at this stage in your degree! Your idea for a Chinese restaurant close to the university is a great idea! Follow your food dream!


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