You are More Valuable than you Think

We are presenting ourselves to various communities in various manners every single day. As a student, we reach out to professors and classmates for academic help. As a job seeker, we participate in interviews with the employers to get job opportunities. As a friend, we share stories to whom we concern in life. Now, the question is, do we use same communication skills to get along with everyone shows up in our life?

The day I had two consecutive interviews has left me a deep impression in university life. I must have saved the universe in previous life that two companies wanted to meet me on the same day. However, these two interviews were held in totally different styles, one was a Skype call while the other one was an one to three in-person meeting. To be honest, when I was standing by the door just before went inside, an inner voice gave me all the power: “Wow man, what a fantasy job you are applying that is worth three people to welcome you. You’d better catch it.”


In order to get an idea how to perform well during the interviews, I read a few articles and watched a couple of Youtube that kindly gave me helpful advice and practical examples. However, one will never learn enough until actually stands in that position, thinks from that angle, and gains that experience.

The network interview is somewhat tricky as compared to the face-to-face one. I would like to share my personal tips as below:

  • Look into the Camera. It is kind of hard to prevent looking at the cool manager or your beautiful face, but try to make direct eye contact via camera.
  • Hold on a Second. Always wait for a second to respond to employer’s question in case your voice overrides the interviewer because of the weak internet.
  • Do not Hang up. Once the interview is finished, wait for the interviewer to hang up the call to show respect. Hopefully you are the one have that power one day.

Panel job interview sounds scared, it turns out to be fine as long as we are prepared and confident. The most important thing is to take care of every member’s feeling!!! There was a gentle man sitting in the interview but didn’t talk too much, I still maintained eye contact with him to show that I appreciated him to listen carefully. In addition, employers value a candidate’s honesty and optimism in the workplace. They hire people because of ones’ true face rather than a perfect model in mind. We should learn ourselves first before expect others to get to know us.

As a CS major student, I really feel like most of time I am communicating with my lovely laptop. I can keep silent during the whole lectures without popping out a character, especially when I’m involved in a course that the professor doesn’t allow you to make a sound, even the air conditioner has to keep quite. How about you, who is also staring at the screen?

Well, the new application circle has already begun, hopefully I am ready for the interview and the interview will be ready for me.



One thought on “You are More Valuable than you Think

  1. Excellent advice here. I have one more for a Skype or phone interview. If you have a drink on hand, make sure there are no ice cubes. The clinking of the cubes makes it sound like you are drinking alcohol! Ha! Thanks for a great post!


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