UW Life: Little Communication Life, Holistic Communication Styles


Life at the University of Waterloo is … how to put it in a nicer way? …… Calm, peaceful and uninteresting. This might not be applicable to everyone, but for me, a CS major coop student, study terms in Waterloo are just tedious and repetitive.

Let me just give you an overview of my typical day:

8:30 am, running to Tim’s to get breakfast while panicking about being late again to my CS class. ಠ_ಠ

8:40 am, got to class, sneaking in as silent as possible so that the whole class wouldn’t give me the look.

For the next 3 hours, nothing but computer codes and math equations. (ง’̀-‘́)ง

11:30 am, lecture subject finally changed so my brain got a brief little break while enjoying pouring my thoughts onto paper in English class.

1:00 pm, once again, diving in a gigantic pile of code and analysis of compilers.

3:00 pm, DONE with the day!!!! (づ。◕‿◕。)づ


Then for the rest of the afternoon, I need to worry about endless assignments, resumes, information sessions, coop job-hunting, and interview preparation.

As you can see…. There is almost no human verbal interaction in my day! I didn’t schedule it, I don’t have it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well… that might be a little extreme. Ok, I do have some chances to open my mouth. However, most of my conversation in the day can pretty much sum up to these three events:

  1. Asking questions during lectures
  2. Discussing assignments with friends and tutors in the tutorial center (yes, I spend my precious university life mostly in a small room on the 4th floor of MC)
  3. Calling parents to tell them that I’m having a great time and that I don’t need any financial help right at the moment.

Surprisingly, even though I don’t converse much in the above situations, the communication skills being practiced are completely different. Due to the plethora of audiences, diverse diction, tones, and voices are used to express various emotions and serve a wide range of purposes.

During lectures, the communication method everyone adopts is using concise, straightforward, yet informative question which can be delivered within a few seconds. Then prof will go on and on trying to explain as much as he can about the question while leaving all the students in a more confused state. More questions, more answers, repeat.

With friend… courses and assignments bring us together, we gather for the lecture or for the assignment. The method we have: typical young adult daily conversation – the most informal and somewhat inappropriate languages are used very often. Sometimes I wonder how I ever became friends with these people and that I must be a super nice person since I’m able to handle everything they say without being pissed off 10 times an hour.

Parents are easier to communicate with. Don’t need to think too much, just make sure I don’t accidentally complain about something too serious. Or else they are going to call me several times a day to check on me. Pick on all the positive words and give the right attitude, then for the rest of the phone, simply reply “Yes” or “Ok, I will keep that in mind” here and there would be sufficient.

Even though there is not much conversation and there is not a lot of different situations, it concludes all the possible communications in the society. All these skills, however, are not learned through courses and there is no defined way for anyone. Learning through experience and observing the people around you would be a great way to gain XP. I deem university as a smaller and simpler society – how I talk and communicate here reflects how I would talk in the real world. And this is my communication life at UW.

One thought on “UW Life: Little Communication Life, Holistic Communication Styles

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am super curious as to what your friends are talking about that makes them so annoying! Your life is so hectic – I hope you can somehow find time for enjoyment and even, dare I say it, rest and relaxation. Working all the time is so incredibly unhealthy and nobody ends up on their deathbed thinking “gosh, I wish I would have worked more!” Thanks for a great post.


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