My Second Shot at My Dream Job

If you want something badly enough, the dream becomes reality… right?

Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist. Learning about why people do what they do, how to get people to talk about things they originally didn’t want to talk about; it’s like you’re a mind reader! That’s why my entire life I’ve worked towards this field, eventually studying it in university…

made it

Wait a minute…

Back to reality.

I’m just a student in the Math faculty at the University of Waterloo, nowhere even close to what I originally imagined myself doing. I was constantly told by my parents, friends, and even teachers that psychology probably wasn’t the best choice for me. Couple that with my tendency to trust the opinions of others regardless of my own thoughts, I mostly gave up on my dream. As a result of this, I’m now enrolled in the Computing and Financial Management program. I was never exceptionally great at either computing or finance, so I figured that combining the two might help hide my mediocrity in both subjects.

Although I may no longer be able to achieve my original dream of being a psychologist, I’ve taken every step possible to get more involved in that field. This is why I now hope to become a portfolio manager at an investment firm.

Some might think that a portfolio manager is nothing like a psychologist, and they would be almost absolutely correct. For me, however, it’s about as close as I can get. A portfolio manager is someone who trades stocks on behalf of their clients and manages an account to grow the clients’ wealth. The similarity that I draw between this job and a psychologist is having to really know the client (or patient in terms of the psychologist) , and being able to interact with them in such a way that they’ll be able to trust you and provide resources, whether it be in the form of money or simply their personal feelings.

As a portfolio manager, one needs to be empathetic, talkative, and likeable, traits in which I am not particularly proficient in. However, I am always looking to improve on these skills, as they will undoubtedly be invaluable regardless of the field that I end up in. Being approachable and likeable will be a skill important for both work and social life, and being talkative is almost never a bad quality to have.

Will this future be achievable, or will it fizzle out like my previous dreams?


Only time will tell now.

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