My life track, for future…

Probably everyone once considered, or thought about what he wanted to be in the future when he grows up. The point of that time looks far away from us, but it is actually not since we go forward to graduation. I once believed that I will be a teacher when I grow up because I love leadership, I love to be involved in class, I love to be involved in a group of students, and I once dreamed of being the contributor of our next young generations. However, the direction of our life may always different from our so-called “plans”. Now, I am in the faculty of Math, the plan of computer science. That was what I planned to apply when I came to the University of Waterloo. My father once told me many times that people should always have at least one life target to work on, to contribute to it, to keep track on it. Now I have come to Canada five years, and my life targets have become more and more clear. I think he was right.

So, what should I do?


  1. Nothing could show that a regular student will perform worth than those co-op students. I am a regular student, but I will try to be involved in working fields and some internships that related to my programs to gain some working skills, interviews skills, working experiences before I graduate. That is what I am going to do for my future aim of working in Canada and living in Canada.
  2. It is hard or not as easy as we think for finding a full-time job in Canada especially we hope that we can use our techniques we learned in university. However, if I want to live in Canada in the future, that is what I must do. According to what I am learning in the university of Waterloo, I hope that I can find a job of the software developer or somehow combined with hardware and system maintenance.
  3. Leave here or go back to my country? This is what am always concern about after I understand what should I do. International students should find a full-time job related to their programs within one year after they graduate from university, or they will be forced to leave Canada. This actually gives me a lot of pressure on my job hunting in the future. I hope I can work in Canada in the future and so that I can invite my parents to live with me instead of staying far away from them. Additionally, one more thing a little bit shy for me to say is, I also want to live with my better half, and it is not a joke.


Hi, I should say this time, this post gives me an opportunity to reorganize my direction, my future, and my life. Those above are just three stages that I hope I can reach in the future. However, people all know that life is like a journey, what attracts us is what we may see and what we feel, rather than the destination. Definitely, I cannot predict what will happen, but at least I can see my future more clearly than before.

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