Dream & Reality

  • What do you wish to do when you grow up? And what is the reality of your current background? Are you one step closer or more far away from your dream?


【When I was in kindergarten】

Like most of the kids, some of them wanted to be an astronaut when they grow up, some want to be a teacher, a nurse. My dream back then was pretty normal. I wanted to be a ticket seller on the bus. I thought that the bus tickets are so beautiful and it would be just so nice if I can hold them all day. I believe I do not need many communication skills doing this job because what I do is just taking the money and hand the tickets to people. I do not even need to talk with them.

Well, that dream seems quite silly now, because there are automatic ticket sellers on the bus and bus drivers can sell them as well. There is no such position called bus ticket seller any more. I have to face the reality. It was only a beautiful dream in my childhood.



Studying in Faculty of Mathematics, I study with numbers and mathematical models every day. I do not really have a specific dream about what I will do after graduating from UW. Maybe I will work in a big company and sitting in front of a computer and create pivot tables day by day. Communication skills are important then, because I will talk with colleagues and have meetings with them at my daily routine. I believe I’ll need interpersonal skills at my future positions.


Time flies, with the development of modern technology, some of our dream jobs are disappearing these years. Not everyone is lucky enough to make his dream come true. Timing and chances are affecting our lives. Therefore, Dream and Reality do not always converge together, but it does not matter. Fulfill our dreams is a great thing, but failing to do that is not the end of the world. As long as we have a dream in mind, reality can be full of hopes.



One thought on “Dream & Reality

  1. Good point about times changing and dreams needed to follow suit. Actually, having a flexible dream (or dreams) is a good idea. I am doing what I want to do (teach in a university) but it wasn’t what I first imagined. That doesn’t matter – I fulfilled my goal, because I remained flexible! Great post!


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