Dream of My Life



Started from the day I learned how to use computer and how to play games, I was dreaming to become a game programmer when I grow up. Playing game is an important part of my life, and I love it so much. I spent a lot of time on playing game, and, once time, I even missed the meeting with my high school dean just because of playing games (Never do that or you will get a C in Final Dean Grade !).

To accomplish my dream, I chose to major in Computer Science and started to learn programming language in the first year of university although this process is VERY HARD! I never learned any code language or logical thinking before, so everything in the CS courses is completely new material for me. The language I learned first is Racket, which is a really unusual language compared to C and Java. My twin brother is learning C at the same time, and he always laughs at me because the language I learned is too basic.

Although the beginning is hard, Racket, as my first coding language, really helped me a lot in future study, and learning new material is so fascinating that I start to be brave to challenge myself. At present, I have finished learning Racket and C, and I am learning Linux and C++. I really expect to learn more in this field in the future.

Since English is my second language, English skill is another barrier, standing between me and my dream, that I need to overcome. To be honest, I hate learning language in my mind because I cannot understand the underlying rules of how to organize sentence in each language (That is another reason that I chose to major in Computer Science: Just code it!). After I came to Canada, it is more urgent to solve this problem since I need to use English as a communication tool in my daily life. I need to do better in writing and speaking so that I can express my idea correctly. Also, oral language and academic language are two fields I still need to struggle with (They decide your life and career, so be serious about them!). How to speak English both more “native” and more professional? That is the problem I need to solve right now.I hate english

To conquer this dilemma, I started to study English seriously. I took two English courses which taught me how to write academic essays, how to do public speaking, and how to communicate with other people using English. My writing and oral-speaking skills get improved, and I started to feel confident. Now I am taking an English course which is designed for native speakers, and I believe I will pass it in the end of term.

Everyone needs to do effort to make his or her dream come true. There is still a long way to go. No pain no gain, so I will try my best to reach my goal in the rest of my life. At least, I will be proud of what I did in my life and no pity will be left.


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