What To Do

Consider this post your guidelines and rubric for this assignment. I hope you enjoy this assignment!

First, you will receive an email from me before May 16th, inviting you to join our site as an author. Please accept the invitation and follow the subsequent instructions. From there, posting is simple. I will show you how in class (or feel free to figure it out on your own!  There are tutorials and instructions available through WordPress).

General Guidelines:

  1. The first post will be drafted in class, so I can (briefly) teach you the conventions of blog writing and help you along.
  2. The subsequent posts will be up to you. Please find the guiding questions for each post below, and you can deal with these creatively. The main goal is to reflect on your goals for the course and yourself, as a communicator.
  3. You are invited to use images, audio, video and so forth in your posts – be as creative as you like (as long as you meet the goals of the assignment and stay within the guidelines of UW’s Policy 33).
  4. Your post should be between 500 and 800 words. If you go over, that’s fine, but you definitely should not be under.
  5. Please follow the blog conventions we covered in class.
  6. Your post needs to reflect on the questions, but do not sequentially answer the questions, they are a guide for you to use.
  7. Do not reference any personal information or full names in your posts. This site is not optimized for search engines so it is relatively private (not completely).  Still, please always be careful and protect your personal information when you are online.
  8. Comments made on your peer’s posts count toward your participation grade, depending on their relevance, depth, and engagement with the post.
  9. Have fun!


Post One Guidelines 

  • You will draft your first post in class, and I will help you in class. The reflection questions for this draft will be given to you in class.
  • You will then rewrite your draft for submission on May 18th to this site.

Post Two Guidelines

No topics this time, just questions to give you guidance. I would like you to discuss and reflect on the oral communication unit of the course.

How did your TED Talk go? Did you learn anything about collaboration? How about your peers’ talks? What did you find interesting about their topics/presentations? Is there a TED Talk you particularly enjoyed? Did you pick up any presentation from the TED speakers?

Post Three Guidelines

It’s time to reflect on the course! Look back to the first week, when you sent me an email about your communications skills and goals for the course. Have you made progress? What would you like to keep working on, and how will you do so?


A- to A+: in order to receive a high A or even a perfect grade, you need to have a nearly flawless blog post. One or two small errors is acceptable, but more errors will mean a lower grade. Your post needs to have a strong focus (in terms of reflecting on the course and its content in relation to your needs and goals). That is, rather than answering the questions in a methodical fashion, you should use the questions as guides to supporting a central focus for the post. The post incorporates relevant links, images, and multimedia (meaning there might be links and so forth or there might not be – relevancy is key). Overall, this post is well-written, well-focused, and also entertaining. The reader leaves the post feeling like they have learned something new.

B- to B+: this grade level means you’ve met all the requirements of the assignment, but there might be too many little errors that impede the flow of reading, or you may not have a really strong focus for your reflection. A B+ post will be a pleasure to read in that there are few errors that impede the flow of reading and the focus is strong. Perhaps, however, there simply is not enough explanation or supporting examples. A B+ is almost an A level post. A B- means that there are a number of errors that impede reading. By “impede reading,” I mean that the sentence structures might be hard to navigate or ideas are not fully explained. However, the post is still readable and somewhat enjoyable.

If you receive a C level grade, I am going to ask that you rewrite the post. Your new grade will be averaged with the original grade.

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